Ariel Lazarus – A Hebrew Capriccio

By / 22/06/2015 / acoustic, classic, jazz

Ariel Lazarus – A Hebrew Capriccio
recorded by smoothfactor

Ariel Lazarus is a unique voice among Israeli composers today. Brought up in a family with Jewish musical roots (Cantorial) both in Germany and Gibraltar, he began composing and playing the guitar in his teens, and has been committed to developing his own compositional language ever since, always maintaining an open dialogue with his traditions. Ariel has received diplomas in classical guitar performance and composition from the Hed College of Music in Tel Aviv and from the Oklahoma City University where he studied with American composer Edward Knight. He continued his Ph.D. studies with Israeli composers Gideon Lewensohn and Betty Olivero at Bar Ilan University. His symphonic compositions were premiered by the Israeli Raanana Symphony Orchestra, and his chamber works by various performers in Germany, USA, France, Luxemburg, Hungary, Gibraltar and Israel. Ariel currently holds a position as music lecturer at the Ono Academic College and the „Mizmor“ and “Rimon” Schools of Music in Israel. He performs concerts worldwide and gives master classes. For further information and contact, please visit
A Hebrew Capriccio

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